Frayed Relationship

Posted by Yvette Allen on 7 August 2020

Has your relationship suffered due to Covid-19?

Help is at hand.

Many people are coming to me with relationship problems, which seem to have evolved due to the rules imposed upon us all by the Covid-19 restrictions.  

Maybe you are not used to spending so much time together, or the strain of when you will be able to go back to work, or possibly will you still be employed when this is all over., 

It is not easy to be with our partners and/or children 24/7 when we are not accustomed to it.  Many couples come to me when their partner has retired from work and they are finding it hard to cope with the change.  We may become very snappy with one another,  or experience feelings that are not usual.  

This is not uncommon and it can help to seek relationship counselling, where you can be heard, without losing your cool!

Yvette is an experienced coach and has helped save many relationships where wanted.  

Phone today for a free 15 minute consult.  Phone 0411407149 or visit my website  http://yvetteallen.com.au


Why are smokers giving up

Posted by Yvette Allen on 3 June 2020

Why are Smokers now to be avoided!

I enjoyed those days when we would get together down the pub and have a drink and a cigarette after work.  Now we sneak out in pairs to have a cigarette either in the heat, cold or rain!  Yet still I smoked - Why am I at the mercy of the cigarette companies.  Why haven't I moved on with the times and become a non smoker. Now I have used all the excuses I enjoy a cigarette it relaxes me Having a cigarette tapers my appetite so I don't get fat Why should anyone tell me what I should do, I can smoke it I want to Not everyone who smokes gets cancer.  Etc etc.  But inside of me is that little voice which says Ting another day off my life!!!!
These are the statement I would use 30 years ago when I was a smoker, a heavy smoker.  Now I can enjoy going for a drink with friends without having to sneak out for a fag!  I can play with my grandchildren in the park, I even join in the occasional game of football with the youngsters.  I am able to breathe freely, I can smell the roses, the smell of fresh cut grass, and I even smell good.

I can breathe, taste food and enjoy my life to the full.  Why didn't I do this 20 years ago.
I am a FREE BREATHER.  My lungs have now regenerated, and I can live my life to the full.  No oxygen tanks to cart around, no having to sneak out and hide to have a fag.  No filthy ashtrays.  My car even smells fresh and my grandkids don't tell me I stink.
Giving up smoking is a WIN WIN situation.  Take the first step TODAY ph 0411407149 now. visit my website www.yvetteallen.com.au for further information

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Is your child being cyberbullied?

Posted by Yvette Allen on 27 May 2020

So what signs do we look for to see if our child is a victim of cyberbullying?

Well these tips are not set in concrete, as every child is different and therefore may not react in any particular way, however, some of the more common signs are listed below:

1. Suddenly stops going out
2. Stops associating with regular friends
3. Skips lessons at school
4. Fakes illness on certain days of the week
5. Becomes very isolated, and may spend a lot of time alone in their rooms.
6. Often checks phone
7. Appears anxious
8. Can become abusive if questioned
9. Fear of parents interfering
10. Feels like they have undergone a personality transplant.

What can we do.  Unfortunately we cannot be with them 24/7.  Even if they don't have access to a mobile phone, their friends most probably do.  Encourage schools to give advice on cyberbullying and tell the students what to do if they are a victim.

1. Make sure you are supportive and not judgemental. 
2. Become a good listener!  Make sure you let them empty out before you speak, and then paraphrase back what you understood from them to make sure it is correct.
3. Don't give unwarranted or unasked for advice.  Just Listen.
4. Let them know that you are there to talk to and that you will not take any action without their agreement (of course if there is a likelihood of your child or another being harmed, then this is one promise you may have to break, however this is something you must tell your child before doing so and explain why)
5. Allow them to vent.  Listen carefully to what is being said to you, listen but resist the urge to keep asking questions
6. Build their self esteem
7. Ask about their day
8. Encourage them to talk to you or advise them of lifeline numbers, or similar services that they can use for free.
9. Let them know that if they have any problems you are there for them and will support them.
10. Let them speak with other adults and don't ask questions about what.
11. Offer counselling or therapy if you feel they are depressed, or over anxious.

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Foundation Training Workshop 2 days Online Program

Posted by Yvette Allen on 30 April 2020

Upcoming Resource Therapy Foundation Program

Is going to be online, so you can learn about this amazing therapy from your own home! PJ's optional

To be held on 20th and 21st June,2020 at a special price of $660 and for anyone that has problems due to Covid-19 we will try and work out a deal for you too.

Presenters Philipa Thornton Psychologist and Yvette Allen Psychotherapist.

This is an in-depth introduction into an amazing trauma-informed Parts Based Psychotherapy, Theory and Therapy to introduce you to this astounding therapy.   

Register here: Please email ygallen@optusnet.com.au

Or Call 0411 407 149  to register hurry as spaces are strictly limited.

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First the fires, now the virus

Posted by Yvette Allen on 18 April 2020

First we were all praying for rain to help our brave fire fighters.

Now we are fighting an invisible foe.

How is this affecting you?

It seems an age ago we were fighting fires and praying for rain. Now we are fighting an invisible foe in the form of corona virus. The solution sounds easy, just stay home, practice social distancing. Easy. Or is it. After a while staying home and not being able to go out for a coffee with friends, or have people home to dinner, or perhaps unable to go to the shops starts to stress people. We can become snappy and irritable with those in the household. Maybe bored or sick of watching the TV, videos and of reading books. All the things that prior to the restrictions we found to be heavenly to have the time to do so. Such fickle beings are we.

It is not unusual that couples start to fight, as resentment or depression builds so does tension and stress.

I am happy to talk to anyone that is suffering. Take advantage of my offer of free 15 minute consultations.

In the meantime I am busy putting together some steps that you can do to help yourselves. Keep an eye on this page for details.

Stay safe and stay sane.


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