Feeling Alone and perhaps stressed

Posted by Yvette Allen on 28 March 2020

Coronavirus Effects


The Coronavirus restrictions are necessary, however for some it is quite devastating.

If you are feeling alone, with no one to talk to, and you have access to Skype, then take up my offer of a free 15 minute consultation.  Even if you just want someone to talk to, or share your fears with then please contact me/index.php?id=1195891 .  It is a scary time for us all, businesses are suffering too.  The quicker we can get this virus under control, the quicker we can get back to normal.  I  am here to listen to you, your fears, or for just a chat. 


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Feeling "Not Good Enough"

Posted by Yvette Allen on 14 March 2020

Feeling "Not Good Enough?

So many people experience feeling not good enough.  Some may have several degrees, be highly educated and know their topics inside out.  Some may even be excellent therapists, working in the field of Mental Health, and it is funny how that little voice comes into your mind saying "am I really as good as people think?, Will I be found out to be inadequate or nowhere near as good as people thought?"  Well let me tell you hear and now that you Are Not Alone.  In fact there is even a Not Good Enough syndrome call the Pedestal Syndrome!


Perhaps  you worried that other people may put you up

Feeling "Not Good Enough" on a pedestal, and then you are so afraid that you will fall then you hear this NGE little voice in your head.  Now sometimes it may be your voice, and sometimes it may be the voice of another.  No matter what the case may be, when that little voice comes out I would like you to put it up on your shoulder, and turn your head and ask it "For what purpose are you coming up now", no matter what the voice answers simple thank it for bringing this up, and explain that this may have been true at one time, but it is no longer true.  Then simply brush it off.

The more times you do this the less powerful the voice will be.

Remember how much you have studied or been on courses, or how much money you have spent, this little voice can still come up, unless you tame it and point out that it is no longer relevant.


If you need more help go to www.yvetteallen.com.au

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Are you inviting the Coronavirus into your body

Posted by Yvette Allen on 13 March 2020

How stress and anxiety can weaken your immune system

Almost every conversation I have listened to includes fear, or information on the Coronavirus.  Whilst it is a highly contagious virus, it is much more likely to affect people with a low immune system.  Stress and anxiety can deplete your bodies immune system, to a point where you will almost be inviting it in.  So what can you do to combat the stress and fear of catching it.

Steps to follow

  1. Every day when you wake tell yourself that you are healthy and staying healthy.  Now whilst this does not put up a screen, our unconscious mind will work to keep your body healthy.
  2. Take precautions.  Wash your hands regularly.
  3. Don't hold on to banisters or railings when you are out.  If you need to sanitise before and after.
  4. Use sanitiser on trolleys.  
  5. Sanitise your hands after handling money.
  6. If you are really concerned, then perhaps wear a cotton glove on your dominent hand when you are out, and cover this with a disposable rubber glove.  Wash hands regularly.
  7. If you see someone sneeze, stay away from them, 6 feet away is the recommended distance I believe.
  8. Remember that what you say to yourself turns into your wishes.  So STAY POSITIVE.
  9. ABOVE ALL REMEMBER, that the death rate from Coronavirus is less than that of many other things.  
  10. If you are elderly or infirm perhaps order your shopping online.  


People in China are recovering from the virus and being discharged from hospital.  The virus may have run its course just like any other virus.  Take precautions with your habits, but above all get a positive mindset to strenghten your immunity.

Stay healthy.



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Are you Scared of life?

Posted by Yvette Allen on 24 May 2018
Are you Scared of life?

What is it like to be Scared all the time?

So scared that you no longer know exactly what it is that you are scared of.  Scared of the unknown, scared to die, scared to live, scared to wake up, scared to go to sleep, scared of being alone, yet scared of people. 

Scared of my partner, scared of being left alone.

No stocks left of self esteem, no stocks left of confidence, completely out of self worth, the 'goodie' jar is totally empty. 

How can I ever refill it?

STOP it now, it is all too hard to deal with, get back your self worth, your self esteem, your confidence and start to live a normal healthy life, one that you will be happy to get up to each and every day, find out how to be in charge of your moods, find out how you can regain all that you have lost in a kind and non intrusive way. 

Contact Yvette on 0411 407149 to regain your life and make it the way you want it.

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Are you Suffering?

Posted by Yvette Allen on 24 May 2018
Are you Suffering?

Do you live your life in Suffering?

What does Suffering mean. 

Well to many it means physical pain, however the type of suffering I am referring to causes much more than physical pain, it is a numbing, wrenching, aching, non-relieving, emotional pain. 

Some would call it depression, some would find other words for it, but if you are suffering so much with the pain of life and in every aspect of life, then this is what I refer to as suffering. 

As a child sometimes things would feel so bad that I would go to bed at night and hope that I did not wake up in the morning, and at other times wishing that my real parents would come and collect me, because these could not be my real parents. 

Mix this up with the tremendous guilt I would feel for even thinking this way, and the terror in case my parents had a way of knowing that I was suffering such deep pain.

I survived my childhood years, and even my teenage years, although I endured so much emotional pain, my mother threatening to put her head in the gas oven because no one wanted to stay at home with her, this was a regular threat. 

And then horror of horror I got married to a strong man, who I believed would stand up to my Mother and it just made me in the middle of the two of them! 

This is when I really felt what emotional pain could become. 

I would wander aimlessly through each day, trying to make them both happy, I had a young baby who had I also had to keep quite so she did not disturb my husband. 

I had very little sleep and eventually all my emotional pain caught up with me and one day I went out, driving my car, turned the corner and stopped in the middle of the road, not knowing who I was, where I was, or how I got to be sitting in a car. 

My mind just shut down.

I knew no one, wanted nothing but to be left alone and lay in a bed. 

I was not thinking, just totally numb. 

This was the result of bottling up all that suffering, pushing it down, down, down until my system could not cope with it any longer and I had what they called a nervous break down.

Don't wait to get to this situation before you seek help. 

Call Yvette Today 0411407149 and release that emotional pain. 

You deserve to be loved and happy. 

Find the way to fulfill this need with the help of someone who has been there.

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Feeling Alone and perhaps stressed

Posted by Yvette Allen on 28 March 2020
Coronavirus Effects   The Coronavirus restrictions are necessary, however for some it is quite devastating. If you are feeling alone, ...
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