Yvette is a wonderful therapist. She sure has been very helpful, supportive, calming and inspired confidence in myself to travel through life's up and downs. We all need support sometimes. I am so thankful she was there for me.
Dianne B | Self Confidence


I have known Yvette Allen since 2007 and would recommend her.  She exhibits resilience and integrity, is dependable and resourceful and relates well to people.

Yvette engages in her work with enthusiasm and dedication, aiming for the highest standards and maintaining a strong ethical base.  She works at increasing her skills to provide the best possible service to the people she works with, which is manifested by the high regard in which she is held.


Jennifer W


I would never have made it to the alter if Yvette had not helped me to communicate with my now husband.  We were having many difficulties, which really only amounted to the fact that we just did not know how to communicate with one another.  Yvette also taught us to get to know one another and how our minds worked, and what parts of our personaility we had,  and also our style of showing love.

Many thanks Yvette, you are amazing.


I would like it to be known that on this day, I attended the clinic of Master Hypnotherapist Yvette Allen for performance enhancement therapy. Since my session, I have gained confidence in my ability to run and promote my healing business. It is my sincere belief that this has been a direct result of the work I have done with Yvette.
I would recommend Yvette Allen as a hypnotherapist, to anyone considering hypnotherapy. I would happily endorse her abilities and can be contacted at any time.
YC | Self Confidence


Yvette performed hypnosis on me yesterday. When she asked me to close my eyes I was feeling a little bit skeptical. However, as she began talking and asking me to relax my muscles and eyes I found myself becoming more and more relaxed.  I felt as though I was asleep sitting up right and and as she continued to talk I felt more and more really relaxed and as though I was in a really deep sleep, yet strangely aware of my thoughts.

During the hypnosis Yvette was talking about improving my sleep and "relaxing from the moment my head hit the pillow".

As she was "walking me up", I started to feel more awake, yet still very calm and relaxed. When I finally opened my eyes, the room felt very bright and refreshing and my body felt calm and at ease.

When I got home and into bed, I did actually feel relaxed and went to sleep quickly. Over the last week I have been using an app called "Sleep Cycle" to measure and monitor my quality of sleep. The last few nights I had been getting about 60-87% sleep quality.

Following my hypnosis, for the first time my sleep was "100% quality" and I woke up feeling very refreshed. 

Raleigh | Sleep Quality

How To Deal

With Panic Attacks ebooklet and receive a bonus ebooklet - Your Words Will Stay With Your Children

Why so many people choose Yvette

  • I believe if you have a problem, I can help
  • 35+ years' experience in training
  • Small groups
  • Individual attention given
    to every participant
  • Strong focus on hands-on
    experiential learning
  • Lifelong support for participants and
    discounts on further courses
  • Life changing positive results!

Clients say

There are people in your life you are meant to meet. I was meant to meet Yvette. Depression/anxiety had become a 'normal' part of my life, I didn't want to waste anyone's time so I never got the help I needed. "I didn't need help". There did come a day I knew I really needed help. Self medicating and causing unfair stress to the people around me I...


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Feeling Alone and perhaps stressed

Posted by Yvette Allen on 28 March 2020
Coronavirus Effects   The Coronavirus restrictions are necessary, however for some it is quite devastating. If you are feeling alone, ...
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