What's stopping you from living the life you want;

Stress, Smoking, Shape, Self-esteem, Sex, Stuck, Sleep, Suffering, Shame or Scared?

Which of the following S's are you ready to change today?



I feel overwhelmed by it all. All I seem to do is worry, waste time and nothing is working for me!

Something is missing, I just can't settle into anything long term!

My temper is short and I am snappy!  It's hurting my relationships. I am afraid my partner will leave me.

Kids demanding too much from me, I can't cope!

My heart beats so fast it feels like I am having a heart attack, I gasp for air and feel like I am dying. Yet when I went to the hospital, they told it was a panic attack, brought on by my stress.

It's all too much I need to learn to be stress free, help!

Phone Yvette today 0411407149



I started years ago as a young person wanting to fit it and be cool.

Now I feel awful every time I get the urge to smoke. I have to sneak out in shame and find a spot where I can't be seen.

I am terrified to quit, but I'm sick of it and being controlled by cigarettes - I want freedom!

My doctor says if I don't quit I won't here this time next year.  I have heard they won't operate unless I stop the fags.

My breathing really takes an effort, and I cough so much each morning.  I am frightened it might be emphysema.

I don't want to end up having to cart around an oxygen tank and mask.  I am ready to quit. I want my life back.

Ready, call now to start with Yvette 041407149



My pants are too tight and I avoid mirrors so I can't see my body. For some reason I just can't lose the weight I want to?  It's a merry go round of dieting and comfort eating?  I hate my shape! I want to get off now.

I don't eat much but it just goes straight to my belly and thighs. My partner eats more than me and he never puts on weight.  It's not fair.

I feel like I have been on a diet my whole life!

My health is important to me, I want to be lighter in myself and be free of this vicious cycle.

Find out how today, call Yvette now on 0411407149


Self Esteem

No matter what I do well, even if something good happens,   there is a little voice inside me criticising me. Always reminding me of my flaws. No wonder I feel like I'm not good enough!!

Whatever I do I will fail at, so why bother trying?

I should be better, I should be confident, I should feel proud of my achievements, but I just cant' get past the inner criticism.  It was a pure fluke that I passed that exam. Anything that goes well for me must be luck.

I can't go for that interview, they will think that I am wasting their time, I could never tell other staff what to do.  I don't have what it takes. I am not worthwhile.

Feel like a failure? This is poor self esteem, the essence of your issues. Yvette helps you be addressing this in the inside and moving you to like and even love yourself.

Call now to book a new beginning, phone Yvette 0411407149



We don't connect with each other any more!

I miss our emotional and physical connection, it is like we are room mates, not lovers.

Where has the romance gone?

It's like I am invisible in the bedroom. 

What happened to foreplay and romance to get us in the mood?

I am sick of her turning her back on me, or being too tired.  I work hard I am tired, but I still have needs, what about my needs? How can we reconnect?

Yvette can help one or both of you return to love, ring her now to get your mojo back today phone 0411407149



I start out well and get lost along the way.

I'm in a rut! 

Not achieving my goals! Well what goals. I get passed over for promotion at work. Hell I can't even keep up with my work and I am falling badly behind.  I might lose my job, this is getting serious!

It is the last term of school, and I just don't know what I want to do, when I think I want to do something, something else comes up and I rethink it again and again.  I feel like I am letting down my parents if I don't go to Uni and become a doctor, like Dad.

This relationship is going nowhere I am sick of kidding myself, I need change.

Call Yvette for change today move out of your stuckness rapidly phone 041407149



I feel like a zombie. I lie down and all I can do is think, it's like I can't switch off. My brain just won't shut off!

I wake up every morning around 3am panicky and can't get back to sleep!

I just need one good 8 hour sleep to survive!

Sleep disturbance is surprisingly common and easily remedied if you have the right tools.

Yvette can help you call today and get the rest you deserve, phone 041140149



I am Feeling hopeless, helpless and worthless. 

I Don't want to get out of bed!  I can't face the world. I just want to hide under the doona covers. Sometimes I even think about dying as a way to escape.

I am feeling anxious for no good reason. A part of me knows there is more and I am here for a reason. I am suffering and need sanctuary.

Call Yvette to ease your pain today, phone 041107149



Who would want me with all of my past.

I am not good enough to even eat at her table, let alone anything else.

I can't look at anyone in the eye, I feel bad.

They must never know about the true me. Because if they knew me they would not like me.  I don't like me.

I would go to sleep at night hoping my true parents would come and get me.

Nobody wants me, I have too much baggage.

Both my parents are drunks, I can never let my partner meet them. There behaviour is gross and embarrassing.

I used to drink, take drugs and abuse women, with my history I will never get the woman of my dreams.

How would anyone want me. 

Shame can be healed, you are not your shame, there is more to you.  Discover the true you, the real you, the good enough you., Yvette will help you break free of shame. 

Get past shame and your history, phone 0411407149



Sitting alone in the house on the sofa and I am too scared to turn my head in case someone is there! Every where I see danger and disaster.

I can hear his car in the driveway, what sort of mood will he be in?  I am so scared for myself. This isn't good, I need support.

I am feeling so scared, my partner and I are fighting all the time, what can I do?

I hate going out to parties, which is hard in my culture. I feel stupid and scared for feeling this way. Yet I want to meet people, date, and marry.

I am sick of fear holding me back. I want to live life free from panic, fear and shame.

Call Yvette to gain this freedom now, phone 011407149


Do you relate to any of the above statements? 

I can help - phone Yvette for your free 15 minute consultation on 0411407149


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