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We all have struggles in life, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed by your problems.  I have found that most people struggle with issues around one or more of what I call the "Six S's": Stress, Smoking, Shape, Sleep, Self Esteem and Stuck. No matter what your 'S' is, I am devoted to helping you turn your "S" word into "Success".

What's Your 'S' Word?




Stress takes many different forms and can come at you from all directions. Would you like to stop the overwhelm and feel as though you are thriving instead of surviving? I can help.



Sleep problems can interfere with many different aspects of your life. Would you like to overcome your sleep struggles so that you can feel rested and refreshed? I can help.



Smoking can cause you physical and mental suffering. Chances are you've tried so many times to quit without success and without support. Would you like support to quit smoking?  I can help



Body shape issues can severely impact your quality of life. Would you like a personalised approach to resolving your issues with your body - no matter what your shape? I can help.


Self Esteem

Self esteem problems can have a detrimental effect on you and your relationships. Would you like to take control of your inner critic so you can feel confident? I can help.



Have you been stuck struggling with the same issue for what seems like forever? Would you like to move forward and let go of what is keeping you stuck? I can help.



How To Deal

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Why so many people choose Yvette

  • I believe if you have a problem, I can help
  • 35+ years' experience in training
  • Small groups
  • Individual attention given
    to every participant
  • Strong focus on hands-on
    experiential learning
  • Lifelong support for participants and
    discounts on further courses
  • Life changing positive results!

Clients say

I attended Yvette for relationship problems and during 3 sessions she has helped me to not be afraid to  start new relationships.  Before I was finishing the relationships before I gave them a chance for fear of it going wrong and the hurt it would leave me with.  Now I am more open minded and take things as they come.  I hav...


Clinical Resource Therapy Program

Monday 17 May (day 1) & Tuesday 18 May (day 2) 2021

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Covid brings with it many stresses

Posted by Yvette Allen on 23 August 2021
Covid brings with it many stresses
As we enter our third month of Covid Shutdown, I can almost hear the sighs and groans from my lounge chair.  I can understand why so many of ...
Posted in:StressAnxiety  
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