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resource therapy, yvette allenResource Therapy is a fast, powerful, and effective therapy that can be used to resolve your problems.

Resource Therapy is a therapeutic approach which recognises that your personality is made up of parts. Sometimes a part of you may want one thing, yet another part of you wants something completely different. For instance, a part of you may want to lie back on the couch and just be a couch potato, while another part of you wants to get up and finish your emails, or catch up with other jobs on your to do list. 

So many people suffer because they keep repeating behaviours that they don't want to do. How many times have you said to yourself "I know I shouldn't  ______ but I just can't stop myself."  There are an unlimited number of issues that can fit in that "blank".   A few examples I've seen in my practice include: unwanted behaviours, or emotions, complicated grief, relationship issues, and behaviours like smoking, drinking, gambling, drug addictions, eating problems, OCD, and even nail biting!

Resource Therapy is a great tool to use in these situations. Resource Therapy works with the part that needs it and not with the part that brings you to therapy, therefore it does not take an extended time to start the important work or returning the state to a healthy normal state.  Sometimes we can hold a part in the conscious that is purely there to protect you from an unwanted emotions or behaviours.  These unwanted negative emotions are perceived as being so terrible that a protective part of you will do almost anything to protect you from having to feel them, such as alcohol abuse, gambling or even comfort eating. How exciting to know that there is an underlying cause for these unwanted behaviours and they can be treated!

As your Resource Therapist, I will support the part of you that is doing the unwanted behaviour while assisting the part of you that is holding on to the negative feelings in coming to the realisation that it no longer needs to hang on to whatever it was that caused it to feel so bad in the first place. My role is to facilitate the process of re-empowering the Resource State that is hanging on to the negative feelings. I will help facilitate the negotiation of a new role for the part that has been doing the 'negative' behaviour role that will be useful and even enjoyable while still being protective or helpful to you at appropriate times.

"Our Parts are our Resources. Resource Therapy seeks to bring normality to all of our parts, recognizing all parts of us as valuable resources that make us the unique individuals we are. RT is a respectful therapeutic theory and practice which acknowledges and validates the personality's needs for internal and external health and harmony."

Source: Resource Therapy International

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  • I believe if you have a problem, I can help
  • 35+ years' experience in training
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I attended Yvette for relationship problems and during 3 sessions she has helped me to not be afraid to  start new relationships.  Before I was finishing the relationships before I gave them a chance for fear of it going wrong and the hurt it would leave me with.  Now I am more open minded and take things as they come.  I hav...


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