• Do you have goals that you have not achieved?
  • Do you lack confidence in selling yourself to others?
  • Do you feel that you will never be good enough?
  • Do you look at others and wise you could be like them
  • Do you wish you had a loving lasting relationship?
  • Do you...whether it is Personal, Business or Education Related if you are WISHING YOU COULD, then it is TIME TO TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?  It is the greatest communication tool for achieving results.  Whether you feel stuck in your personal life, business or in education this course will enable you to break free and instead of wishing you will be taking a huge step to achieving what it is you want from your life, business or in education. 

Many of the students that have attended this course have had major breakthroughs in their personal lives, which leave them free from all their negative decisions, limiting beliefs about themselves and they leave feeling like a new empowered, confident and well balanced individual.

Business owners report that they have increased their profits by as much as 100% in a few weeks.  Understanding their clients, the needs and objections and building instant rapport gives them the skills to maximum the effect they have on their clients and also how to get more clients.

Education of the young is something that is totally lacking in giving the child the resources they need to be able to learn.  We teach them the learning state, how to be able to read and remember easily and effortlessly.  We help with spelling and on how to communicate with your children so that they understand without fear or regard.

Who should take this course?



PEOPLE WHO WANT TO START EARNING ON COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE, BY HELPING OTHERS BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE.  Whether you want to be a coach, counsel people, or help people learn, you can be one of the special people that not only help others but love doing what you are doing, so you don't even feel like you are going to work.

All those who own a business and want to increase revenue, sales techniques, know how to get the right staff and communicate well with both staff and clients.  ASK YOURSELF "CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO ATTEND".

All those parents or carers who have children with learning difficulties.  Make life easier for them.  ADHD and many other categories that children are put into are just named so because they don't have the necessary skills to learn.

In other words all those who need to be the best they can be and achieve their goals instead of just dreaming about them.

Course outline

I cover the following in the NLP Practioner Course:

  • Excellence in Communication
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Anchoring
  • Understanding different methods of learning
  • Being able to discover other people's strategies and then being able to install them in yourself and in others.
  • Setting Goals and achieving them
  • The 5 Step Sales Process
  • Learning made easy
  • Reframing your thoughts
  • Understanding how people think

What do you get?

A fully comprehensive manual.

Opportunity to purchase books at reduced prices.

A set of CD's to listen to prior to the course and 1 book to read.

Your test questions.

On completion you will be Certified by the American Board of NLP as an NLP Practitioner and be able to join this association.


Listen to all the CDs, read the book and read the questionnaire and answer those questions you can prior to attending the course.  The test has to be completed by 12 midday on the last day.


We provide a full life time support for all of our graduates.  Either by phone, or email, the choice is yours.

There are only gains to taking this course, whether it is to increase your income, set up a business, help raise your children there is no end to the achievements you can achieve.

Course details

First course will run in Sydney (Upper North Shore) from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd October 2016. 

Maximum number of people 20.

Regular Price is $2,750 Early Bird payment by 6 October is $1,950.  That is an $800 Saving, so act quickly.  Time is running out on this offer.

nlp training-sydney

How To Deal

With Panic Attacks ebooklet and receive a bonus ebooklet - Your Words Will Stay With Your Children

Why so many people choose Yvette

  • I believe if you have a problem, I can help
  • 35+ years' experience in training
  • Small groups
  • Individual attention given
    to every participant
  • Strong focus on hands-on
    experiential learning
  • Lifelong support for participants and
    discounts on further courses
  • Life changing positive results!

Clients say

I have known Yvette Allen since 2007 and would recommend her.  She exhibits resilience and integrity, is dependable and resourceful and relates well to people. Yvette engages in her work with enthusiasm and dedication, aiming for the highest standards and maintaining a strong ethical base.  She works at increasing her skills to pro...

Jennifer W

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