Effective Business Communication Skills

Whether you are struggling to get a team to work together, or having difficulties getting your message across.  Dealing with change and its impact on your business, or dealing with difficult people or a toxic employee.  Then this course would be of immense benefit to your company.

No matter which of the above, all these problems and anymore which involve not communicating successfully will be costing you your well-earned $$$$.

When a team is not being led in a positive and structured way, it causes resentment, one upmanship and in some cases, it can cause the employees to spend most of their time complaining to one another and not getting the job done.  If your team leader cannot communicate in a way which the team understands these problems will arise. 

If you have a toxic employee, you need to be able to identify them and then deal with them in an appropriate way.  Toxic employees not only disrupt the smooth running of a company, but create conflict amongst staff, and quite often you end up losing all your productive staff, once again this can cost you money.

Any time you have to replace a staff member it costs not only money, but puts back the relationships within the company to square one.  Trust and a sense of insecurity can arise, and once again this can lead to more resignations and costs you money.

Intervention Description

The purpose of this course is to solve existing problems and stop the rot from continuing.

By teaching your staff the excellence of communication, how to get the message across without disrupting or upsetting the workforce and to be able to negotiate to win win situations will without doubt SAVE you money.

If your workforce is working towards a common goal, if change is explained well and the employees are given a voice and not undue rights, then you have a workforce that is able to negotiate and avoid the problems caused by poor communication.

Why should a business undertake this intervention.

Excellence in communication and flexibility are the backbone of any successful business.  Coaches are paid thousands of dollars to achieve this, working with only one or possibly two members at a time. 

This courses teaches not only the basics, but the needs for good communication.  Are you aware that only 7% of communication is the language we use.  Another 38% is posture and a whooping 55% is physiology. 

Being able to identify how people receive information,  being able to identify their strategies and correcting them is the key.  Being able to read a persons physiology and having the skills required to negotiate a win-win situation are skills which every leader and person in management should have.

Once your management have these skills and use them it will improve the running of the company and create a happy workforce, which in turn will benefit the company by having longer staying happy employees, excellent team work and an added benefit would be that the boss does not have to continually step in to make decisions that his managers should be capable of.


When Yvette came into my practice it was in crisis.  She helped us select a new Practice Manager,  trained the staff and the management and for the last 5 years it has been a pleasure to go into office.

I highly recommend her courses.  She is an exceptional trainer and coach. 

Dr SS Chatswood

Yvette has worked with me for over three years and during that time she has run many courses for my staff.

She is professional, ethical and company focused.  She has helped me with staff counselling, and mediation numerous times.  

Yvette is ethical, honest, empathic and loyal.   Her excellent understanding and ability to communicate with both staff and doctors is beyond par.

Dr Athula Gunasekara

Course Outline

Understanding how people communicate and interpret information is of great importance when dealing with people, whether they be staff, clients or consultants.

The purpose of this course is to remove barriers, create understanding and give managers the ability to troubleshoot, without escalating the situation.

It will give them the tools to create win-win situations and handle staff successfully making the workplace a happier place and more productive.

There will be course participation and candidates will be expected to take part in role plays and complete worksheets.

Topics Covered

  • VAK Ad preference
  • Sensory acuity
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Making meetings work
  • Toxic Employees
  • Conflict Management
  • Barriers to Communication

What do you get?

Manual, workbooks and handouts.

Report back on participant's performance to employer.




6 months support for all participants either via email or phone.

Logistics & Price

Venues Many employers like to do the course on site, and this is fine, as long as there are no interruptions.

Alternative Venues can be found close to the area you work within.

Courses are arranged to suit your convenience, please discuss dates with Yvette who will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Maximum number of people on a course is 12.  Yvette works only with small groups to give maximum effect.


  • 1-3 People $750 per person
  • 4-8 People $650 per person
  • 9-12 People $550 per person

If you are making multiple bookings a discount may apply.

Contact Yvette with any questions you may have by pressing the Contact button.

How To Deal

With Panic Attacks ebooklet and receive a bonus ebooklet - Your Words Will Stay With Your Children

Why so many people choose Yvette

  • I believe if you have a problem, I can help
  • 35+ years' experience in training
  • Small groups
  • Individual attention given
    to every participant
  • Strong focus on hands-on
    experiential learning
  • Lifelong support for participants and
    discounts on further courses
  • Life changing positive results!

Clients say

Wow, if you had told me I could get rid of all my fears in 3 hours I would never have believed you.  That Time Line Stuff really works.  Thanks a bunch!


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